Partners & Awards

IFSC Authorized Volumes and Macros Producer

We are proud to be a selected volumes supplier for the IFSC P24 Catalogue by the IFSC.

Since 2019 we can proudly call ourselves partner and authorized volume manufacturers, and since 2021, also authorized macro manufacturers of the IFSC, the International Federation of Sport Climbing! The use of bouldering elements and macros of the Blocz brand by the international professional association for competition climbing underlines our cross-national competitiveness. Finally, only authorized volumes, macros and holds are used at IFSC events, ensuring the high-quality standards and fairness in sport climbing.

Grip List 2023 – Favorite wood volume

Our wooden volumes are for the fourth time in a row once again at the top of the CBJ Grip List Awards in 2023. Thank you! We are very happy that so many climbers, route setters, climbing gyms and home wall owners have voted for us. In the future, we will continue to do everything we can to provide you with high-quality, versatile and, above all, sustainable products.


Since 2020, we have been a member of AllHOLDs a network of independent climbing grip manufacturers. Like all participants, we benefit from the synergy effects through joint cooperation. This allows us to more intensively advance our vision of producing high-quality climbing holds sustainably: for example, by increasing the share of renewable raw materials, developing elements made of environmentally friendly polyurethane (PU), or manufacturing our products in a CO2-neutral manner.