Our macros have a one of a kind surface that can simply be described as the Blocz-feeling. Thanks to the special coating, you won’t lose your grip. The texture truly lies to your hands and feet. Besides that, our Macros body is made out of 100% recycled industrial waste and is completely reusable.

Forms &

Goodbye fiberglass – hello future! The material is not only lighter but also stronger than fiberglass. It’s also easy to bend, so it can be laid flush against even imperfect walls. On top of that, it doesn’t cause skin irritation or glass splinters like fiberglass can, which makes the route setting and production process safer and healthier. The production method of our macros is patented by us.

As soon as the Macros’ coatings lifespan comes to an end, we can renew it and bring them back to life. Their body is made out of 100% recycled industrial waste, making them reusable and environment friendly. Plus, with our DIY upcycling kit, you can extend the life of your macros yourself.