Blocz supplies the right frame made of wood for your Kilter Board. You can choose between different sizes: from a compact 7×10′ to 10×10′, 8×12′, 10×12′ and enormous 16×12′ we build the frame in different sizes, where you should include additional space for the kickboard. For all formats, we offer the homewall layout as well as the original design.

Depending on your wishes, we provide you with different ranges of angles for your Kilterboard frame: from extreme -5° to 70°, from 0° to 50°, from 10 to 60° or from 20 to 70°. Since we equip the frame with actuators, the board tilts towards you very relaxed at the push of a button. The included display tells you which angle you have selected.

Your individual design completes the Kilterboard frame. Tell us your wishes and we will paint the frame in your favorite color. In addition, we are happy to engrave your logos on the front and spray parts of your corporate design, numbers or other elements on the frame. A covering of your choice, which completely closes the wall on the back, gives the Kilterboard frame the final touch.

Depending on the chosen angle and the condition of your gym, the Kilterboard frame can be attached in different ways: best by a carrier at the back of the board. A simultaneous anchoring to the floor and ceiling is also possible as well as a sole fixation on the ground. You can also use the Kilterboard free-standing, for example outside your gym or for other outdoor activities. In this case, we deliver the frame with a 20 cm high base that prevents the entire board from tipping forward.

As with all our products, we place particular emphasis on sustainability. Our Kilterboard frame is made entirely of FSC-certified wood.

With a little craftsmanship, you can assemble the frame quickly and easily without prior knowledge or retrofit existing systems with it. Please allow about half a meter space between board and wall. If you are unsure, we will be happy to help you.