Blocz stands for wooden volumes and the highest form of quality, diversity and design. We offer an extensive product range of ultra flat, flat and extensive volumes in over 160 different forms. Climbing elements that are suitable for various types of wall angles, enhances climbing performance and offer the highest level of safety.

Forms &

Thanks to the minimalistic variations in angles, as well as a large number of fixing points for screw holds and foot holds, routes gain interesting and demanding characteristics. Also, professional climbers can enjoy technical and challenging boulders. 

Our climbing wall volumes are made of rapidly regrowing birch wood, glued into 13 robust layers. We apply our unique Supergrip coating to the 18 mm thick yet flexible base. The result: a super solid, high grip and durable Blocz volume.

A great number of various colors give our volumes a personal touch. You decide!

Blocz’ volumes don’t only look good, they are also very robust and sustainable: We mostly use wood from Europe.