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  • high quality 13-ply 18mm birch plywood manufactured mostly in Europe
  • durable galvanized steel flange nuts (meet the requirements of DIN EN 12572:2017)

Attachment system

  • classic with wood screws
  • screw-on version with central M10 screw point
  • metal reinforced screw points
  • technically required number of fixing points


  • durable 5-layer coating
  • easy to clean
  • pleasantly rough feel – made for climbing
  • full coating or dual texture


  • individual color selection according to RAL or sample
  • fluorescent coatings
  • natural wood look
  • multicolored surfaces, colored highlights
  • custom logos options 


  • easy upcycling of surface possible
  • wood waste from production reused for heat generation
  • currently only thermal end-of-life recycling possible (according to local disposal regulations)