Dolphin Flow

Dolphin Flow


Are you ready for new challenges with our brand new volumes, the Giants of the deep in dualtexture or monotexture?

Robert Leistner was inspired to create these shapes by the majestic fins of large sea creatures. Of course, we don’t claim to be able to move with anything like the grace and power of these sea creatures.

With Giants of the deep, we have succeeded in adding a completely new volume set to our existing portfolio. The giants do not have a uniform geometry, which presented us with a number of challenges when developing the shapes and also made the production of these volumeholds more complex. The special feature is the dynamic edges, which can be gripped in different ways and require a new level of precision when climbing. This brings a new level of excitement to competition route setting, as well as commercial route setting.

The set consists of ten different holds in three different sizes: Orca, Shark and Dolphin. The Orca has a total length of 1.70 meters and lives up to its name as a giant.

You can get the set in dualtexture or monotexture.